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Frederikssund Havn is probably one of the best divespots on the east side and in the middle of Roskilde Fjord.

It is a nice, easy and shallow divespot. And you have actually two divespots at the same place with at least three places to make your entry and best of all – no matter the weather you can always have a dive here. The marine life is great compared to danish standard and there is wreck hidden inside the harbour.

You can dive inside the harbour, but remember that you always have to ask for permission when diving in a harbour.

You can also dive at Tandstumpen just west to parking area. See more about Tandstumpen here.


Frederikssund Havn is situated in the middle of Frederikssund. You can set your GPS to one of these adresses:

For southern entry:

Sydkajen, 3600 Frederikssund

For northern entry:

Nordkajen, 3600 Frederikssund

It is very is to found. You will have the best options at the southern side but in harsh weaher it will be more safe and easy to enter at the northern side.


At the end of Sydkajen you will find free parking.

Another option is to park at the end of Nordkajen just next to Restaurant Toldboden, but then you will entry Frederikssund Havn from the north side.


Actually there are several entry spots at Frederikssund Havn for entry.

If you like giant stride you have to choose the southern side just next to the parking area where you can jump in from the pier.

At the northern side you can actually walk in down the stairs situated next to Føtex.

If you decide to dive at Tandstumpen or don’t want to dive inside the harbour you can walk about 100 meters to either Tandstumpen of to the small harbour directly south from the parking area. The current will decide for you which entry point you choose. Wind and tide can make the current quite strong so check out the water before entry.


The marine life differ according to the season but you will see a lot of crabs, different goples like normal jellyfish, red stinging jellyfish (https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rød_brandmand) and comb jellyfish. There is also different kinds of flatfish mostly flounder and a lot of eelpouts. In the evening and during the night the eels comes out for hunting. From early spring to late autumn there is a lot of pipefishes seen here and in the spring you will also be able to see nudibranch.

Depth and bottom:

The maximum depth is nearly 7 meters and is found along the south side of the harbour, why this site is probably the best site to dive along.

From the southern side and up north in the harbour the depth will decrease to about 2-3 meters around the northern jetty.

The bottom is primarily mud and sludge and you should beware of not destroying visibility with silt by your fins.

Along the pier there is a lot of tractor tires.

Points of interest:

There is a wreck of an old van in the harbour. The wreck is situated around 5 meters from the southern pier (see the map). When you come from the harbour entry swim straight ahead into the harbour for about 20 meters then you will see the vanwreck at the bottom.

Just right at the southside of the entry there is an old bike and along the southern pier there is diferent gabbage including a big traffic sign and some old cabinet doors, carpets and other junk.


Visibility here differs from around 2 meters up to 7 meters. At the winter season visibilty is best.


Frederikssund Havn is now primarily a marina but was  a commercial port since 1809. In 1879 the railway across Roskilde Fjord opened at the rest of the bridge, Tandstumpen is now a popular diving spot for local divers.

At Frederikssund Havn you can find the old steamship Skjelskør which is one of the last danish coal-fired passenger ships. Skjelskør is now owned by Danish Veteranship Club and are offering sailing trips around Roskilde Fjord.

Bench for gearing up


Frederikssund Havn is an area with boat traffic, particularly in summer season. It is not recommended to dive during day time inside the harbour in the summer season. In the winter season is it a low risk dive spot due to no boat traffic.

You should always bring your SMB when diving here, especially during daytime and sailing season.


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