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CPlenty of fish
EGood place for gearing up

Pressing pond or PADI wreck, Twin or Nappedam is the name of the same dive site just south of Helsingor Ferry Port. Enough Zealand’s most used dyksted. Pressing pond is a large area and offers various types of dives. To achieve depths of over 20 meters. The possibility of night dive is evident with the many lights on land that can be used as reference points.


One obvious goal Pressing pond is wreck Twin (PADI wreck) Perhaps not the most exciting wrecks. On the other hand, it is easy to get to, as you can swim out to it from the country.

sea grassThe wreck found easiest to swim due east from the stairs when you reach about 10-11 st, change to the due north. And so you would like to reach the wreck. There are submerged part of the wreck and seen. You will find a motorcycle and a PC at the wreck. But all in all, an easy and fun dives also for new divers.


Twin is a small fishing boat that sank in 1991 under unknown circumstances.


In order to get to Pressing pond run to E47 / E55 to Helsingor. After passing the roundabout no. 2, turn right at the traffic light no. 2 down Flynderborgvej, signposted beach road (Færgevej 152) Follow Færgevej 152 approximately 200 m. Until you reach the parking lot at the café. Ihop is by stairs, it is very easy and makes that the place is very popular with divers. Take the motorway towards Elsinore, continue straight through the two roundabouts. Before you reach for the Elsinore, there is a large sign showing off towards the ferry port and Helsingborg, here you must turn right. Follow the road and turn right towards Snekkersten. Follow the road about 100 meters and you will see the parking lot and lawn on your left hand. At the end of the road turns to the left and drive into the parking lot. It is not allowed to park on the road


P-Square is located right next to the boat rental. The area used by fishermen who have rut and steep space to the right of the driveway. Parking and stay on fishermen steep place is not legal and is not tolerated by the fishermen. The parking area is not so great, so be careful not to overfill when the equipment must be rigged up. The lawn on the left is a good place to stay before and after the dive to avoid sand in the equipment.




  • It is very welcome that divers do not dive in the shaded area (see map) off
  • The café, and even in the area south of the field. The dinghies with fishermen from letting
  • fishing even in the area north of the field.
  • There are some large rocks just off the beach, so beware motor dinghy.
  • There is a possibility of strong currents, often northbound.
  • Divers can not rent the boat in the boat rental, since they are not stable enough
  • taking divers out of the water.
  • The people in the café also keeps a close eye on the divers, so if you have to
  • keep rescue exercises, they will know.

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